Planning news

Two planning applications have been put in to Wiltshire Council recently that Old Sarum residents should know about. One is for a new soft play facility and the other is for a care home.

The soft play would be down the road behind the Land Rover dealership and would also include a climbing wall. Other Old Sarum Mums I have spoken to support the idea. What do you think? It is easy to fill in a response of support or objection or just make a comment by following the link above.

The proposed nursing and dementia care home, with 120 beds, is to be sited between the Axe Head roundabout and the roundabout-to-nowhere, facing onto Ramsbury Drive. It will be three storeys high and much larger than any other buildings in Old Sarum at present. I’d encourage residents to have a good look through the documents and understand the proposal. I have read several objections as well as one supporting comment so far. If you live here you will be affected by these plans so have your say while you still can!




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