So what is there to do around here?

Well there isn’t a very long list of facilities as yet, but in case I know of anything you haven’t discovered yet, here goes:

Playground – on the Portway by Partridge Way. There are no baby swings, but for an older child there are swings, climbing frame, slide and bouncers. It looks a bit scruffy and can sometimes have litter left but on the whole I’ve used it happily with OldSarumGirl since we moved here when she was almost 2. The worst dirt issue is in late summer when aphids in the trees make the equipment sticky – I just bring a damp cloth in the buggy and give it a wipe over!

Community Rooms – On Partridge Way. There are plans for a new Community Centre, but in the meantime some volunteer residents have made a big effort to provide these rooms for us all to use. There are all kinds of groups that use the rooms regularly and if you want to see other clubs or activities set up, do send an email to make suggestions. The website doesn’t show the email address ( at present, but if you live here you should get their newsletter each month with full contact details.

Airfield – Lancaster Road off the Portway. There is a cafe at the airfield, making it currently the only place you can buy a cup of tea in Old Sarum! Most days of the year you can see light aircraft taking off and landing, and often the gyrocopter too. This makes it a popular destination for a walk with a small child! OldSarumGirl likes to look at the aeroplanes tucked up in their ‘blankets’ parked on the grass. We also enjoy watching military aircraft fly past, particularly the different kinds of helicopter.

Football Club – Partridge Way. Salisbury City Football Club hang out at Old Sarum in the Raymond McEnhill Stadium. I’m not interested in football myself (and nor is OldSarumDad), but we do hear the cheering on match days and that’s kind of friendly! Interestingly for those of you who would like to walk somewhere for a pint, they will be opening the bar to locals on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 2nd May 2012.

Mobile library – parks outside the School on Pheasant Drive. Blink and you’ll miss the 45 minute slot every two weeks, but if we can get organised and it doesn’t conflict with OldSarumBaby’s nap, we like to change our books on the van. There are no late fines which is a relief! The selection of books for babies and pre-schoolers is better than you might imagine for a mobile service and the lady who runs it is very nice. Times and dates are on the website, do check because they will change this summer.



  1. sarahwesthoff

    outburst is good it has something for everyone , soft play , ten pin bowling laser and a bar and restaurant. Its really friendly staff make you feel very welcome. (just turn left before mercedes garage on southampton road they take 3rd right ) oh and by the way they have the most amazing party rooms.

    • OldSarumGirl has been to a party there, but it’s an annoying trip around the ring road from Old Sarum. I wasn’t very impressed with the party “tea” myself, but maybe it’s standard for a soft play facility? In any case other Mums up here are hoping for a new soft play opening right here on our doorstep soon!

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