Old Sarum Soft Play Controversy

Well things are certainly hotting up in the debate about the proposed Soft Play facility in Old Sarum! Take a look at the planning website and read some of the many representation letters to see what everyone’s so exercised over.

Brushing aside a few misconceptions and downright irrelevancies mentioned by some commenters, what it boils down to is that while many residents of Old Sarum are hugely enthusiastic about a new business starting up here, those who live just the other side of the fence are convinced the site is altogether wrong for this venture. While that might sound like a classic NIMBY stance, it’s not just about noisy neighbours, but a true local knowledge informing major safety and security concerns.

There has been a growing amount of lobbying on both sides, with emails and petitions for people to either support or object to the plans. The fledgling Residents’ Association has this item on the agenda for their inaugural meeting this month. If you want to weigh in on either side of the debate, or just give a neutral ‘comment’ as the voice of reason, then now is the time!

Bottom line? Whichever way the decision goes, and despite the divide of opinion, I see this as a huge step forward for Old Sarum residents. We are starting to form a group identity based on shaping our neighbourhood to function in the way we want.


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