New Community Café on Monday mornings

This morning we put our waterproofs on and visited the new Community Café on a very wet Monday morning. OldSarumGirl was pleased to see plenty of toys out waiting for her at the Community Rooms and OldSarumBaby had a good crawl around and socialised happily!

Penny Joyce, the Community Enabler for Old Sarum, has started up the Café for anyone who wants to drop in for a hot drink (50p) and a snack (20-50p) to brighten up their Monday. The Community Rooms at 7-9 Partridge Way is the venue, and it’s open 10-12.

The Café was a bit quiet today, probably because of the pouring rain, but there were a couple of mums with their little ones and some retired residents too. Hopefully it will grow in popularity as word gets around.

Apparently some people aren’t sure where the Community Rooms are. I found them very early on when we moved to Old Sarum, but then I can see them from my bedroom window! The building is a converted shop and flat and it’s the first left turning off Partridge Way, which is right in the middle of Old Sarum. There are signs to it on the Portway. Until a new Community Centre is built (there is no known time scale for that project at present), the Community Rooms are there to serve Old Sarum for a meeting place – for residents of old and new houses. Anyone can book the Hall or upstairs meeting rooms at very reasonable rates.


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