Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

I rashly promised OldSarumGirl that we would visit the Aviation Collection over at the Airfield this afternoon. It only opened on Sunday and there are lots of blue signs up, pointing the way, so I was confident we wouldn’t get lost! Stupidly however, I had not thought to check what the entrance fee would be, and it is not cheap! While OldSarumGirl has a general  fondness for planes, I did not think it was a good use of £10 to get us in there for twenty minutes, or however long a three-year-old would remain interested in the exhibits.

There were two dismantled planes outside the hangar which we had a look at. After that OldSarumGirl declared she would substitute splashing in puddles as her activity. You’ve gotta love some free entertainment!

I expect there are some military aircraft lovers who would be prepared to pay £10 per adult to look around (under-fives are free, family tickets are £26). Even though the collection is not yet fully in place. I can’t tell you how it’s looking inside, hopefully good, I don’t mean to say it’s not a good collection, but

To give you some sense of scale, the excellent Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop costs £8 per adult and £23.5 for a family ticket.


UPDATE: Prices have since been revised downwards! I still have not visited in person, but hopefully one day soon!

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