Soft Play and Care Home – last minute documents

While I thought everyone had had their say and we were just awaiting the decision on the proposed Soft Play facility on the Sarum Business Park, there have been new documents appearing on the Council website.

While the response from Highways says there is no issue with parking, they mention that the quantity of spaces is insufficient for the parking standard. The architect has since managed to squeeze seven further spaces into his plan, making thirty rather than the twenty-three originally planned (see page 4).

Environmental Health have had a good re-think about their ‘no comment’ response and have now come up with a whole list of concerns.

I’m so interested to see which way the decision will go on this. My layman’s viewpoint sees many of the objections as reason to block the change of use, but I have no idea how these things are viewed by the powers that be. A decision is expected before July 10th, so not long to wait now.

A decision on the Care Home should also be published at the same date. Lots of new documentation is available on the website about that proposal too.

Environmental Health are concerned about the noise from the Equinox factory (already a source of a long-running dispute with residents of Osmund Walk) and believe the tolerance noise level suggested is in fact too high and that current plans to mitigate against the “thumping” would therefore be inadequate.

There is a letter of general support from the Council’s Department of Community Services. The arboricultural consultant is annoyed that advice about the row of lime trees shading the building has been ignored and is worried it will lead to future requests to cut back the trees, but the architect refutes this allegation. Wessex Archaeology state that there is no objection to the building on grounds of spoiling the setting of Old Sarum Hillfort, and that the archaeological investigations necessary before building work begins will be confined to peering down the holes as the diggers start work to check there is nothing interesting!



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