Open Meeting and Residents’ Association

There is a second open meeting scheduled for Monday 9th July to which all residents of Old Sarum are invited. Following on from the “questions” session in May, this time is hoped to be about answers. Ian McLennan (Wiltshire Councillor) will be present, hopefully filling us in on many areas. It is notable that when you ask all kinds of people about different matters at Old Sarum, a common reply is “you’d have to ask Ian McLennan about that”. Ian seems to have a finger in all the Old Sarum pies, and knows all the influential people involved. He likes to get credit for good things that happen here, and I believe he tries to act in our best interests, but should one man hold quite so much power? It should be an interesting evening (7.30pm at the School).

The Residents’ Association is also set to hold their inaugural AGM on the occasion. I believe ten residents have stepped forward to be the first serving committee members, and have been getting ready for their formal launch. Their website is even live! I hope they’ll get lots of support from all us residents as they take on this important role as mediators and facilitators of the future direction of Old Sarum.

Edit: Read Ian McLennan’s answer to this post here!

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