Sherbourne Drive to be joined up?

Planning permission has been submitted for the area known as 6C, where there will be fourteen affordable rented properties. The reason this section is of particular interest is that it lies on the back stretch of Sherbourne Drive, in the link between the near and far ends. The planning decision is expected by the end of September. I don’t know how long after that the homes will go up, but presumably towards the end of this year we will have a fully connected perimeter road.

I have heard concerns voiced about Sherbourne Drive becoming a rat run when it happens, but I can’t see that anyone would choose to drive around the long, wiggly road when the Portway is straight and relatively free from traffic. Yes there are traffic lights, but they seldom cause much delay. It also seems to me that Sherbourne Drive has deliberately been constructed as quite a narrow residential type of road, rather than a ‘main road’. To my mind, parking on the road is a much more serious issue, and I hope one that the Residents’ Association will address in due course.

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