Soft Play planning decision

The decision is in, and it’s a refusal.

The refusal notice and more detailed Officer’s Report can be read on the website, but the summary is this:

“Based on the information submitted, it is considered that the harm likely to result from this
proposal, including the unjustified loss of an existing occupied industrial unit and potential serious vehicular
conflict to parents and children within the shared turning area, would outweigh the provision of a community

So, a success for all those living close by who have written in to voice their concerns, but a blow for the Dino Sam’s team. Hopefully Lee Steggles will have some consolation in the fact that she will be running with the Olympic Torch on Wednesday (as reported in the Parish Magazine). The Officer’s Report states that

“The LPA principally supports the suggested expansion of children facilities with the city of Salisbury and is in no way raising any ‘in principle’ objection to the creation of an indoor children play area with associated activities. Wiltshire Council like many other Councils have previous approved leisure uses such as the one now proposed within businesses parks and recognises the attractiveness of business units for use in connection with indoor children play areas.”

so hopefully there could still be a future for Dino Sam’s, or a similar facility, for those of us with young children who would welcome a new choice of play facility.

No word yet on the Care Home!

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