Fencing off the field

I first heard the rumours of fences to go up on the football practice pitches a while back, but now I’ve seen the plans – and so can you! On the window at the side of the Community Room you can get a good look at what is set to happen in the very near future.

Salisbury City Football Club have the use of the field beside the Raymond McEnhill Stadium for training and running youth sessions. The land was formerly owned by the MOD, but changed hands to Persimmon recently. In the grand scheme of things, it is earmarked to become a “village green” public open space, with some housing built on the edges. In the meantime, fences are to go up to restrict access. One small area of the field at the far end will be marked out as five-a-side pitches for community use. The remainder will be out of bounds.

I’m not sure whether the fences are being put up by Persimmon or by SCFC, I presume by Persimmon. I’ve heard it is to prevent litter being dropped there. Having seen the local children playing and having fun on that green space in the care of the team from Shine this morning, it seems like a real shame for fences to go up. In general this community is in desperate need of fences coming down.

Edit: Some interesting information in the comment below about SCFC’s future plans. I had not heard this before, so thanks for that Matt!


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  1. Hi,

    you probably know this already, but I don’t know if you saw this on the Salisbury FC website?

    “I am pleased to announce that Persimmon Homes have agreed to extend the lease on the training grounds for another season but this is probably likely to be the last and therefore we are currently looking at buying some land in the near vicinity to provide proper training facilities and a 3G pitch and 5-a-side pitches, which will be available not only to Salisbury City FC affiliated clubs but the community of Old Sarum as well and further announcements will be made on this in the coming months.”


    Great blog, by the way


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