Old Sarum “Country Park”

There is a fairly large area of ground at the north-eastern end of the Old Sarum site which has been understood (until recently!) to be reserved as public open space, known as the “Country Park”. There is some archaeology buried under some of this land, a probable Bronze Age burial barrow I believe, and Persimmon decided originally it would be too expensive to go through the necessary investigations prior to developing the land, and generously left it for us to walk on instead. They have always made much of hte fact that the area of this land was larger than the total which they were obliged to provide. And recently they revoked part of their promise and applied to build houses on a third of the land (Area 12). I hope lots more residents get round to objecting before the deadline of 7th February (oops! haven’t done it myself yet!).

Anyway, that’s not what I was thinking about today, rather the intriguing fact that the boundary fence around the Country Park has been removed in the last few days. What does this mean? Presumably the public are now allowed to access the land if they choose? Mysterious marker stakes still litter the site, and although the “public art feature” of the grass mound was sculpted by bulldozers some months ago, the planned landscaping of the site is far from complete, the grass is very rough and there are no proper access points until the paths are built. Has it been transferred to the Council or not? Who knows! I don’t think I’ll be strolling over the land at present, as there will be lots of sharp weed stalks where they were mowed off with a tractor a few weeks back. But I wonder if there is any possibility that a feature for the community is on track to be delivered soon?!


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  1. Ian McL

    Well spotted Old Sarum Mum, as always. I asked the planners when it was coming on stream, last month. No reply so this reminds me to give them a prod!

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