Care home finally given green light

The Wiltshire Council planning website has been in a kind of limbo in the last few weeks, and this evening it became obvious they had been making some changes behind the scenes. The new system is virtually useless when I try to do a blanket search for all applications in Old Sarum, and no longer has the handy “applications received in the last week” feature either. (OldSarumDad also says it is a shockingly hackable database that anyone could disable in a matter of seconds, but that’s off topic…) Hopefully I’ll be able to work it out before the late decisions come in on Persimmon’s clutch of applications here – I hate being left in the dark due to their incompetent system!

I am indebted to the Salisbury Journal website for informing us all that the care home by the axe head roundabout has been granted permission to go ahead. It has been stalled so long in the pipeline that the decision seems sudden, but I never really understood the reason for the hold up, beyond uncertainty over Equinox’s noise pollution having an impact on any user of the site.

I’m quite unsure how Old Sarum will look once this towering three-storey building is installed opposite Ramsbury Drive, but at least we know it is in response to a genuine need, rather than “employment” buildings that are doomed to sit empty year on year.



  1. Cllr Ian Mclennan

    Old Sarum Mum

    Just to let you know that the actions of the chairman, at the recent Southern Planning Committee, have been referred by the Democratic Services manager to the WC Monitoring officer (Head of Legal).

    Despite the majority supporting a deferral and a motion proposed and seconded, the chairman refused to accept the proposal (despite officer advice evidently) and proposed approval himself.

    Not a good end to the last WC planning meeting.

    • Thank you for that insight Ian. I find that quite scary and hope it doesn’t bode ill for future decision making, with so many “big” applications for Old Sarum currently waiting on the planners.


  1. In the news | Old Sarum Mum

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