Helicopter spotting

Recently I’ve been wanting to teach the children how to tell the difference between the kinds of helicopter we see flying past on a very frequent basis (in the same way they learn that we have robins/blackbirds/gold finches in the garden, not just “birds”). Trouble was, I didn’t know one from another myself, apart from the good old Chinook!

After a long quest on various aircraft-geek sites I’ve put together a printable sheet of the types I think we see most often. I’ve restricted it to generic names, rather than model numbers, as I really don’t know (or much care!) how you tell two models apart while they are zooming past. They are all shown as black and white silhouettes, because colours can be hard to see sometimes and also not guaranteed to be always the same, although I’ve added notes on a couple which have distinctive colouration.

I think these are all military helicopters, as they all seem to fly the same flight path usually, but I’m not overly knowledgeable on the topic.

We’ve stuck a copy up on the conservatory window, which looks out towards helicopter-land, for quick reference when they come into view. If you’d like your own copy, please go to the Community Rooms website who have kindly agreed to provide it for download.


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