Being neighbourly

I was a bit worried about the state of the grass (or rather weed-infested bare earth) in the new Country Park in the last few weeks, but this week we went for a wander round and it does appear that grass seed was sown and there is a considerable amount of greenery shooting! The docks are a magnificent size though, I’m glad it’s not my garden to weed!

Near the park I noticed a clean-up-after-your-dog sign on someone’s front lawn, and was reminded of the recent post on the Residents’ Association site. I can’t believe people will let their dogs poo right outside houses, on the beautifully kept grass! Maybe it’s not very nice to have to pick it up, but if you don’t like it then why get a dog? I’m not a dog owner, but babies make quite a heap of poo too and I certainly don’t leave it lying around for others to walk in!

Not having our own dog, I didn’t realise that you’re actually allowed to put (bagged) dog poo in ordinary litter bins. For a long time the only litter bin I knew of in Old Sarum was the one in the playground on Partridge Way, but now there are plenty, shiny and new, in the Country Park. I hope a few more dog owners might start to act in a more neighbourly fashion with access to those.



  1. Ian McLennan

    Spot On Old Sarum Mum!

    Poo on the playing fields becomes a criminal offence too, as it is so dangerous to children. Hope they all heed your message.

  2. Penny joyce

    I really enjoy your blog Old Sarum Mum. I too was amazed how the grass had grown. I suppose its Persimmon who still own it ..perhaps I need to nudge them about cutting it! Dog poo in rubbish bins……hummm sounds like cut backs to me! Penny Community Enabler.

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