Up in the air

To start off, something amusing! The OldSarumFamily were heading out for a little walk on Saturday morning, when we noticed a man walking towards us along the Portway, his parachute draped over his shoulder, looking rather sheepish! He had obviously not been able to land in the proper place. Perhaps the wind was a bit unpredictable that day, as another sky diver apparently also landed unexpectedly!

I’m a bit confused about the state of some of Persimmon’s planning applications at the moment. As a household who commented on the plans originally, we get sent notification by the council of anything going on. There was a strange letter a few days ago, saying that there will be some sort of hearing about Persimmon wishing to appeal the recent decisions on Area 9a/9b and the Local Centre. Well, appealing 9a/9b is not unexpected – after all the planning committee turned them down. But the Local Centre was approved! Why do they want to appeal that? It looks to me remarkably like them sticking two fingers up at the community and trying to delay the provision of shops just because we don’t like them trying to over-develop the estate. I really hope Wiltshire Council can find a way to get Persimmon building those shops a.s.a.p. so we can achieve buying a pint of milk without getting in the car or on the bus.

And now for something really scary. Have you seen this? I had heard rumours a while back about the Airfield being threatened with development, but I never believed it could get anywhere. I mean, that airfield is not just a local landmark, it is of national importance, given its history. There is some kind of public consultation scheduled for later this month, supposedly to work out what kind of houses will be built there. Why are we not being consulted on WHETHER houses should be built there? One of the areas suggested for building is in the pig field where a plane crashed last year! One area will bring Ford considerably closer to Old Sarum – they are NOT going to want that! And any building whatsoever just sounds crazy to me. At present, we hear all the aircraft taking off and landing quite clearly, and that’s with a screen of industrial buildings between us and the airfield. Don’t get me wrong, I love the aircraft (as do the children), but I don’t think anyone would choose to live smack bang on the airfield! There are so many reasons why this would be a terrible idea. So what’s going on with this consultation? On the schedule for day one is a speech by David Milton of Wiltshire Council on the adopted policy. So they have decided this land is suitable for housing and we get no say in the matter? I feel like turning up with a placard outside the meeting!


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  1. Wilthsire Councillor Ian McLennan

    Old sarum Mum – Spot again
    This is not good news and Wiltshire Council have got it so wrong. They are supposed to approve a management plan to ‘Protect and enhance’ the airfield conservation area.

    Fiurst they need an approved management plan for the conservation area. Then an assessment of what is required to deliver the conservation management plan.

    This is just the Airfield owners, Blanefield/OSAF trying to achieve their long term goal of development of vital areas of the airfield.

    Don’t go to any ‘consultation’ about development because it will be used against us.

    If anyone attends say NO to all development. It is not necessary and this rubbish is very premature, with WC taking part “To put the right information out about our policy” despite my protestations.

    This is a disaster waiting to happen and we need to stop it dead.

    WC are supposed to protect the conservation area not destroy it.

    Lots more I could say. Read Journal Thursday.


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