The big inquiry has begun

The big inquiry into Persimmon’s outstanding planning applications for Old Sarum has begun, at the Red Lion in Salisbury. Having a toddler at home is brilliant, but it sadly excludes me from sitting through four days of proceedings. All I’ve heard so far is a third-hand account of the first day’s business. In a nutshell, it sounds like Persimmon have hired a professional bulldozer kind of guy, while Wiltshire have hired an incompetent doormat, who has failed to mention some important points and allowed his argument to be trampled by Persimmon. I’ve heard grumbles in the past about how Persimmon must have undue influence to get their plans past inquiries, but it looks to me as though the problem is actually with Wiltshire. What was the point of the planners making decisions on these applications, if they’re not prepared to defend those decisions robustly? Apparently the Residents’ Association were going to make a statement this morning, trying to cover the areas Wiltshire missed out.

My informant seems to think the only way we can win the day is through divine intervention – so let’s all get praying!



  1. Ian McLennan (WC Cllr Laverstock, Ford & Old Sarum

    I sadly have to agree OSM. The WC planners took counsel advice and proceeded to water down our decisions at Southern Planning.

    The emphasis is so much on giving permission nowadays, that councils run scared, as they might pick up costs.

    My appearance is Thursday at 09.30. I will be able to give some history/background and add how local people requirements play no part in the legal technicalities.
    I include Persimmon and WC legal in that.


  1. GOOD news! | Old Sarum Mum

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