GOOD news!

Well, I don’t know if I’m late to this, or early, or what, but the grapevine has been buzzing round Old Sarum today, to say the decision is back from the big planning inquiry – and it’s good news! My considered opinion on the matter was that we required divine intervention – well it looks like our prayers were truly answered this time! I’ve ferreted out the location of the full report and you can read it here.

I have only skimmed the report so far, and I’m sure there’s lots of juicy detail to be squeezed out when I have an hour or two to sit down and work it out, but the gist of it is that there will be NO BUILDING allowed on the country park open space (area 12), or on the swale land (area 11). These were the two areas I felt really hot under the collar about, so it’s a major relief to hear this! Interestingly, the inspector also threw out the appeal for areas 9a and 9b, although I imagine Persimmon will put in an altered application for that land at some point. Area 10 and the shops (local centre) have had their appeals upheld and Persimmon will be building there. I always thought area 10 was likely to get through; it would be daft to leave that chunk of space with nothing on it. And the shops – well I don’t know how it got to the appeal stage anyway, why couldn’t they just agree on that one? Everyone wants the shops!

So all round it seems like a successful outcome. Phew! I feel really grateful to the people who showed up at the inquiry to put the point of view of people living here, so if anyone reading comes into that category then THANK YOU!


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