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Being neighbourly

I was a bit worried about the state of the grass (or rather weed-infested bare earth) in the new Country Park in the last few weeks, but this week we went for a wander round and it does appear that grass seed was sown and there is a considerable amount of greenery shooting! The docks …

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School place offered!

We’re all very pleased here, as OldSarumGirl has been offered a place at Old Sarum Primary School. It’s a great little school, fantastic facilities, fabulous staff, and an easy walk from home. I’ve heard on the grapevine that this year’s popular reception class teacher will be staying on, which is great news too, as we’ve …

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Old Sarum “Country Park”

There is a fairly large area of ground at the north-eastern end of the Old Sarum site which has been understood (until recently!) to be reserved as public open space, known as the “Country Park”. There is some archaeology buried under some of this land, a probable Bronze Age burial barrow I believe, and Persimmon …

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