When will there be a decision on the care home proposal?

A decision was “expected by 10th July” on the planning permission for a 120 bed care home on the site between Ramsbury Drive and the Shaw Trust, by the Axe roundabout. So far, no decision has been made, so I took another look at the documentation to see if anything further has been submitted.

A report from Wiltshire Council’s Spatial Planning department was added two days ago. I don’t know how much clout they have, but it seems to be addressing the underlying question of whether it is appropriate to approve the use of land for a care home when it has been designated for “employment” purposes.

There is plenty of reading matter in the report, but skipping down to the conclusion it says:

“The proposal is not in accordance with the NPPF nor is it in line with the South Wiltshire Core Strategy and its strategic aims and the proposal is therefore contrary to policy. The site in question is allocated for predominantly B1 uses and the site is identified strategically for such uses to 2026 (to meet the employment strategy for Salisbury City including the decant of Churchfields Industrial Estate). The proposal is therefore also not in accordance with the economic vision of the Core strategy nor does it meet the requirements of CP5. In addition it is confirmed that there is not an oversupply of employment land at Salisbury City.”

So it looks to me as though approval may not be given. We await further information!


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